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Item No.: 002
A full range of sterilization paper/film pouches, heat seal and self seal at various sizes, variety of material (60 gsm or 70 gsm medical grade paper, with blue or green tinted film.  We are also open to custom made products upon your special requirements


Heat Seal Paper/Film Flat Pouches
Sterilization pouches are designed for easy and reliable sterilization packaging of medical devices, surgical instruments.

60gsm Paper/Film Flat Pouches
Cat No. Size Pack Qty
8457-20L 5.7cm*20cm 200psc/box
8457-25L 5.7cm*25cm 200psc/box
8457-30L 5.7cm*30cm 200psc/box
8460-20L 7.5cm*20cm 200psc/box
8460-25L 7.5cm*25cm 200psc/box
8460-30L 7.5cm*30cm 200psc/box
8462-20L 10cm*20cm 200psc/box
8462-30L 10cm*30cm 200psc/box
8464-20L 15cm*20cm 200psc/box
8464-32L 15cm*32cm 200psc/box
8465-28L 20cm*28cm 200psc/box
8465-32L 20cm*32cm 200psc/box

Self Seal Paper/Film Pouches
A wide range of pouches featuring a self-adhesive strip which by removing the backing strip and folding over, it's possible to create and integral seal that would withstand sterilization.  This pouch offers a combination of high strength and good barrier properties and easy, simple use without heat sealing machine
60gsm Self Seal Flat Pouches
Cat No. Size Pack Qty
AQR8459 5.5cm×13cm 200pcs/box
AQR8459-1 5.5cm×30cm 200pcs/box
AQR8460 7.5cm×15cm 200pcs/box
AQR8460-1 7.5cm×25cm 200pcs/box
AQR8461 9cm×35cm 200pcs/box
AQR8462 10cm×23cm 200pcs/box
AQR8462-1 10cm×40cm 200pcs/box
AQR8463 12.5cm×25cm 200pcs/box
AQR8464 15cm×25.5cm 200pcs/box
AQR8465 20cm×33cm 200pcs/box
AQR8466 25cm×37cm 200pcs/box
AQR8467 30cm×40cm 200pcs/box
AQR8467-1 30cm×50cm 200pcs/box
AQR8469 35cm×42cm 200pcs/box
AQR8468 40cm×50cm 200pcs/box
AQR8470 45cm×55cm 200pcs/box
AQR8480 50cm×50cm 200pcs/box
AQR8490 60cm×60cm 200pcs/box


ü Compliant with International Standards

Comply with the international norms and standards ISO11607 , EN 868 and CE marked

ü Strong Seals

The seal strength meets or exceeds the standard requirements to reduce bursting during autoclaving and handling.  Triple parallel seams make the seal extremely strong.

ü Visibility of Seal

When sealed, the tinted film turns darker allowing a visual check of the seal integrity.

ü  Clean Peel

Our seals facilitate clean, fiber-free opening allowing aseptic presentation of the products.  Pouches feature a specially designed peel-off seal which makes opening easy.

ü  Reliable and Strong construction

Manufactured with transparent multi-layer heat sealable PET/PE film (blue or green colored) and medical grade paper (60 gsm or 70 gsm) for high performance

ü Sealed Edges of Pouches

Heat-sealed upper corners prevent dust from collecting at the opening seal which reduces the risk of contamination when opened.

ü Easy Handling

Thumb notches at each end of the Chervon shaped pouch for easy loading and opening

ü    Class I Process Indicators

Color indicators for steam, ethylene oxide or formaldehyde sterilization outside the fill area, no migration onto the contents is possible,

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