Our pouches and reels can be custom made using a wide variety of features and material structures to meet specific barrier requirements offering a secure and simple way to pack your product and are available in a variety of film structures including Films, Papers, and Tyvek®.


Our manufacturing site is located in Zhongshan city, a southern city in China and easily accessible to the ports and airports in Shenzhen and Hong Kong through highway for timely distribution.


As AQ Medical Technology’s partner, you will enjoy the prestige of providing your customers with the highest quality of sterilization packaging products with a competitive price.  Our partners are our critical to our success and we invest in partner programs to ensure your success.  As a partner, you will play a pivotal role in the sterilize barrier products business.  AQ Medical Technology will provide you with a competitive price edge, reliable solution, and timely respond to your special requirements.

We would be happy to hear from you about your unique demands or individual requirements, please fill in the below form or leave a message with us.

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