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AQ Chemical PCD
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AQ Chemical PCD

Item No.: 012
The Process Challenge packs are used to monitor steam sterilization loads and can be used to release non implant loads.  The PCDs are designed for use in standard steam sterilizing processes, including 250° F (121°C) gravity steam, 270°F (132°) prevacuum

Each pack consists of a series of steam penetration and air removal barriers. A Class 5 integrator, as defined by EN ISO 11140-1, is located in the center of the barriers. The test pack is placed within the chamber of each load to be steam sterilized.
During processing, the sterilizer must remove or displace the air from the barrier material and replace it with steam throughout the pack. If a failure should occur, the indicator ink can assist in detecting steam quality issues based on the characteristics of the failure patterns of the indicator ink.
The Process Challenge Packs are manufactured in the absence of lead and heavy metals.

Monitors the validated sterilization parameters required to be delivered
World recognized standard
Provides immediate identification of failed loads
Documentation of successful sterilization cycles
Early identification of indicator application
Traceability and recognition of expired packs at time of use
Failure pattern aids in identifying root cause of cycle failure
No concerns over lead exposure or the toxicity of other heavy metals
Class 5  integrator conforms to ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1
Abrupt /distinctive total color change from yellow to blue/purple
Test sheet may be kept as a permanent record
Large indication of temperature and time with color specific coding
Lot number and expiration date on each pack
Ink pattern can assist in identifying steam quality issues
Manufactured in the absence of lead and heavy metals
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