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AQ Bowie-Dick Test Pack
  • AQ Bowie-Dick Test Pack

AQ Bowie-Dick Test Pack

Item No.: 014
The Bowie-Dick Test Pack/Sheet is designed for vacuum assisted steam sterilization process, 273°F/134°C prevacuum , 3.5 min.

Bowie Dick Test Pack consists of a series of air removal and steam penetration barriers. A chemical indicator is located in the center of each pack. The test pack is placed directly into an otherwise empty steam sterilizer chamber and does not require a retaining device. During processing, steam must displace the air through the barrier material within the pack. A uniform change from yellow to blue/purple on the indicator sheet indicates that all the air was removed and replaced by steam. The advanced technology in our thermochromic ink formulation can aid in the detection of steam quality issues. Manufactured in the absence of lead or other heavy metals.

Performed after a warm-up cycle at the beginning of every day the prevacuum steam sterilizer is in operation, the Bowie Dick (Air removal) Test verifies the prevacuum sterilizer effectively removes air. Equivalent in performance to the EN ISO 11140, AAMI Bowie Dick Test, the Bowie Dick Test Pack provides reliable performance and accurate results

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